Company : Brevetti Angele SRL

Category : Pharmaceutical Materials and Components

Key Products : Syfpac Machine, Blow Fill Seal Machine

The 10ml ampoules and 100ml squeezable bottle can be made filled aseptically and sealed on SYFPAC machine. The white applicator is an injection-moulded part. Multicolour labels can be directly printed on the containers on line using a tampon printer. Variable information related to manufacturing date and batch number is printed using an inkjet printer.


1. Make containers of different sizes on the same machine on the same basic mould

  • Small Volume Packaging (SVP) - For containers up to 30ml
  • Large Volume Packaging (LVP) - For containers form 50ml up to 2L
  • Very Large Volume Packaging (VLVP) - For containers above 2L

2. Make containers using wide range of plastic material on the same machine and same mould. Following grades of materials can be processed on the same machine and in most cases it is sufficient just to change the program to switch to different material.

  • Extrusion blow moulding grade Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Extrusion blow moulding grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Extrusion blow moulding grade Polypropylene (PP)

3. Modular mould design with interchangeable inserts with following advantages

  • Mould divided in sectors allows container size to change by introducing or removing one or more sectors
  • Interchangeable inserts allow change of shape by just changing the insert, using the same basic mould
  • Interchangeable mould insert also allows embossing


Design of an Innovative seal

For bottles of Irrigation in Operation Theatre, and also for the bottles of milk. These bottles are blow moulded, filled and sealed on SYFPAC machine. To breakopen the hermetic seal, it is enough to force the bottle head upward. The seal will break allowing dispensing of liquid through a 20mm hole. The cap actually is a part of the head and is moulded during sealing. It remains attached to the bottles and can be used to re-close the bottles.

Pre-filled syringes

Available at half the cost of conventional pre-filled syringes, with an added safety against contamination, which is characteristic of Blow Fill Seal Machine. The vial is blow moulded, filled, and before closing, needle is introduced in the container. This can also be used for any kind of intramuscular or subcutaneous injections, typically for vaccine, antibiotics etc.


Fully automatic packaging machine for Cynoacrylic adhesive, makes Corona treat, Print, Fill and seals small tubes of Cynoacrylic adhesive at a speed of 20,000 tubes per hour using just one operator per shift. This equipment can replace more than 100 operators on a conventional blow moulding and filling line. The Cynoacrylic adhesive has a very short curing or setting time, which could cause serious problems due to spillage and leakage. In our packing line FLUIPAC we have taken care of this problem in an innovative wa

LIQUIDPAC – A machine to fill fruit juice

Fully automatic packing machine for filling fruit juice aseptically, supported by theexperience from pharmaceutical industry, to assure excellent PSNU (Probability of Non Sterile Unit). Following is an example of innovative packaging for the fruit juice with incorporated straw.

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