Company : OPTIMA pharma GmbH

Category : Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery

Key Products : Sterile filling and Freeze drying sterilizable machineries for Pharma

Optima Pharma known for their diversified and innovative range of filling and packing machines for pharmaceutical products, both sterile and non-sterile liquid and powder applications. Pharmaceutical freeze-drying as well as isolation and containment technology secures our position as a single source supplier in the industry.

The lines from Optima Pharma encompass the entire spectrum from the high-performance segment to the processing of small batches. The advantage for the customer is that they can choose the ideal solution suitable for their configuration and their needs from both a modular perspective as well as custom-built solutions.

Technical Services

The technical staff of Optima Pharma speaks volumes of experience in the industry.  Long-standing employee loyalty is key to our success. The after-sales technical services are backed by extensive hands-on training by each and every service technician at our headquarter facilities to ensure the expertise of the global service Optima provides.


The headquarters of Optima Pharma are located in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany with additional facilities in Gladenbach-Mornshausen and Randolfzell, Germany. In addition to its base in Germany, the company maintains branch offices in Italy, France, the UK, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, China, India and Malaysia.

Markets Served

Focusing in the pharmaceutical industry, Optima Pharma serves the pharmaceutical, laboratory and clinical diagnostic markets, specifically organizing an internal, dedicated, multi-disciplinary team prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century and the move to more automation and personalized medicine.


Sterile Filling Machineries

Sterile filling machineries of Optima is a leading partner to meet the highest pharmaceutical requirements in the range of cleaning, sterilizing, filling and closing of disposable syringes, vials, infusion bottles and cartridges for the processing of liquid and powdery products. Leading filling and packaging technology, perfect closing and capping sytems, as well as all machines for up and downstream processing are integrated into the flexibly designed machines and lines.

Nonsterile Filling Machineries

Nonsterile filling machineries - Be it compact monoblock machines or complete packaging lines: The machine program includes individual solutions for cGMP-conforming production as well as a complete program for all dosage forms, including cleaning, filling and closing, up to assembly of complex packages - including turnkey solutions.

Clinical Diagnostics Machinery

Cinical diagnostics has been a long time endeavor for Optima Pharma which has been supplying Diagnostic IVD manufacturers with production machinery for more than 22 years. Primarily, this partnership is in the area of Well Coating (ELISA), PoCT devices and fills / finish packaging for e.g. reagent / buffer / substrate vial filling, standard / calibrator vial filling and freeze-drying, capping, closing, printing with 100% IPC and machine associated validation documentation.

Freeze Drying Sterilizable Plants

Pharmaceutical Freeze drying sterilizable plants for the pharmaceutical industry – from high-tech pilot plants to highly efficient production plants have been the company's forte. A seamless scaled version of the pilot plant to a full size production plant is guaranteed. Fully automatic loading and unloading systems for vials, ampoules, syringes or bulk loading; also in connection with RABS or isolator technology.

Isolation Technology

Our isolator technology has the ability to be integrated with all types of pharmaceutical processing equipment which, from a single source supplier guarantees a seamless integration.

Contact Details

OPTIMA pharma GmbH

Headquarters: Otto-Hahn Strasse 1
74523 Schwaebisch Hall
U.S. Operations:1330 Contract Drive
Green Bay, WI 54304
Phone: + 49 791 9495 0
Fax: + 49 791 9495 2610

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