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Key Products : Multi deck vibro separator & filter, Vibro Separator & Filter

Lao Soung Machinery Co. Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of Vibratory separators and filters and Vibrating screens. The vibratory separators and filter are indispensable to industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, bakery, painting or coating materials, plastic, fireworks, incense, powder processing, pollution disposal and even high-tech components.

Vibro Separator & Filter

The main characteristics of Lao Soung Vibro-Separator & Filter include:

L-Shape Sieve Frame- Lao Soung pioneered unique L-shape sieve frame. The L-shape design reduces inconvenience and time consumed in changing screens. The unique design allows thirty minute of replacement time to be reduced to ten minutes.

Larger Affective Sieving Area- Larger affective sieving area gives higher performance than other designs keeping the screen diameter same.

Supporting Screen Design - It is designed to provide the maximum support for screens, especially for the finer screens. As a result, the fine screen can be used longer and maintenance cost could be reduced. Furthermore, less times replacing the screens means fewer disturbances in production flow.

Lao Soung Machinery provides a whole range of vibratory separator and filter and vibrating screen that can meet various requirements in all kinds of industries.

Multi-Deck Vibro-Separator & Filter

  • Frame diameter from 600mm to 1500mm
  • Up to 4 layers of screens
  • Special designs and accessories available for special needs

Vibro-Separator & Filter

  • Frame diameter: 450mm, 300mm available
  • N type, NW type screen frame
  • Compact & portable design
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Noiseless

Noiseless Vibro Separator

Laboratory Sieve

  • For analysis / research department
  • Up to 7 screen trays

Vibrating screens

Vibrating screens are widely used equipment and finds application in varying production demands and are available in wide range of sizes with the company. Vibrating screens finds usage across industries including pharmaceutical and chemical. Theses screens are used as standard practice for large capacity and high efficiency requirement. The company manufactures vibrating screens for stand alone and multiple installations. Each unit of vibrating screen manufactured is compatible with all screening systems. Lao Soung manufactures high quality vibrating screens used for meeting the grading and sieving application requirements. Vibrating screens available with the company can be custom made according to client specifications and can easily be integrated into any available processing plants. Highly reliable and durable, vibrating screens have a wide demand. It possesses high screening capacity and are available in single, double and three deck designs.

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