Company : Matcon – IDEX India

Category : Pharmaceutical Process Machinery

Key Products : Intermediate Bulk Containers, Tablet IBCs, Cone Valve Technology

Better Buildings for Better Pharmaceutical Production

Embracing and investing in new technologies is one way to get ahead, and adopting lean, efficient manufacturing procedures is another. At a fundamental level, achieving efficiency can start at the outset of a project by considering the very design of a production facility. Careful planning can cut costs and reduce waste at all stages, while at the same time ensuring the production of quality products.

Better ways to handle tablets using IBCs

Still handling tablets in drums?

It is common to find Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) being used for handling powders and granules in solid dosage manufacturing processes, from initial Dispensing through to Tablet Compression or Capsule Filling. The benefits of using IBCs for efficient and flexible materials handling at this stage of the process are widely appreciated and applied in modern facilities.