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Atlantic Bone Screen
Atlantic Bone Screen

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Atlantic Bone Screen is a leading CRO (« Contract Research Organization ») based in Nantes, in the north-west of France, specializing in high-quality preclinical evaluation services in the field of bone and joint diseases, and more particularly in bone diseases from tumor origin. Atlantic Bone Screen is a spin-off of the Laboratory of physiopathology of bone resorption (LPRO)UMR 957 of the Faculty of Medicine in Nantes and relies on its recognized expertise developed in the field of bone diseases.Created in 2005 by Ronan LE BOT, CEO, Atlantic Bone Screen puts at your disposal a unique preclinical platform with a wide range of competitive in vitro and in vivo assays as well as histology and imaging services.More than 110 preclinical studies have been conducted by Atlantic Bone Screen since the creation of the company in 2005.Research centers from the most important pharmaceutical and food industries as well as biomaterial companies trust Atlantic Bone Screen.


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