product launch

Every manufacturer in the Pharmaceutical Industry is perpetually striving to come up with a new and innovative addition to its prevalent range of products. Product Launch page is a great prospect for absorbing riveting information about the conceptualization behind the advent of new products and also ideal for the buyers who wish to purchase them.
Below is a list of the latest Product Launch announcements:

LAURA® Smart - A simple, quick and smart solution for Urinalysis

LAURA® Smart, recently introduced by Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd., India’s Largest In-vitro Diagnostic Company, is the latest, compact urine strip reader. It’s objective photometric evaluation and semi-automated technology simplifies sample processing and provides accurate results. The compact size and easy operations of LAURA® Smart make it an ideal choice for a…

Onset Introduces New Intemp™ Product Line For Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Monitoring

Shifting the temperature just a few degrees higher or lower can render a vaccine ineffective. This potentially leads to millions in lost revenue—and worse, a loss of trust among consumers as word spreads about the need to revaccinate. Onset, a world leader in data loggers, is addressing this challenge with…