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DFM 2000 - Flow Meter

DFM 2000 - Flow Meter

DFM 2000 - Flow Meter

Operating on the basis of thermal mass principle, the Flow Meter model DFM 2000 has a range of 200 L/min, a resolution of 0.01 L/min between 0 and 90 L/min (0.1 L/min between 90 and 200 L/min) and an accuracy of +/- 2% of flow rate. Fitted with temperature and pressure sensors, the DFM 2000 is able to calculate the ambient volumetric flow rate and can also be used in-line (with supplied inlet filter).

  • High accuracy
  • Volumetric mode: Calculation of flow rate base on live T/P conditions
  • Portable, hand-held device
  • Standard mode: Calculation of flow rate based on pre-set T/P conditions

DFM 2000 Features


Operation Principle

Hot-Wire Mass Flow Principle

Flow Rate Range

0 - 200 L/min


0.1 L/min from 90 to 200 L/min


+/- 2% of reading

Volumetric Flow Calculation

Accurate calculation from in-built T & P sensors

Inlet Filter

Required in unfiltered laboratory environments


Interface to external devices such as the BAC 100i and TPK 100i


RS-232 (flow rate and calibrate data)


Factory calibration only

Use 'in-line'

Can be used 'in-line' (for non-pharmacopoeial methods)

Power Source

Universal mains input voltage

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