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Compostable labels

Compostable labels

Compostable labels in compliance with EN standard 13432

With seedling symbol through EN standard 13432 certification

Compostable labels for fully compostable packaging

If waste cannot be avoided, then it should at least be recyclable – or compostable and made from bio-degradable raw materials.

This is why HERMA has now taken another important step in this direction: two HERMA label materials with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive have been awarded the so-called seedling symbol” (EN 13432 certification). This standard is internationally recognised proof of the industrial compostability of bio-degradable products.

In this way, it is possible to make complete packages (including their labels) compostable. The certification of the label materials in compliance with the composting standard was carried out in accordance with DIN CERTCO, the certification company of the TÜV Rheinland Group (German Technical Inspectorate Rhineland). Anyone who wants to use compostable packaging – also made from corresponding bio-plastics products – no longer has to forego the advantages of efficient identification through labels.”

Compostable self-adhesive labels from HERMA

  • White label paper, slightly glossy on one side and coated, the ideal surface material for sophisticated labels with multi-colour printing in all classic printing processes
  • White thermal paper without protective coatings (economy quality), BPA-free, suitable for all thermal printers

The adhesive was especially developed for use on compostable packaging films and other smooth packaging materials such as paper packaging. Adhesion to these smooth surfaces is guaranteed even at refrigerated temperatures. The temperature range of the adhesive is from -10°C to +50°C, the labels can be applied from -2°C.

The adhesive used can be used for identifying food for storage at room temperature, and may even be in direct contact with dry, non-fatty food.

Compostable labels from HERMA offer a wide range of environmentally friendly usage scenarios, such as food packaging, packaging for fruit and vegetables and organic cosmetics. They are ideal for all manufacturers who place value on sustainable compostable packaging.

Compost which is immediately usable in agriculture

In order to obtain EN 13432 certification, both materials had to meet strict criteria. For example, after three monthscomposting and subsequent screening through a 2 mm sieve, no more than 10% of the original mass was allowed to remain.

During the certification process, the effect of the resulting compost on plant growth, i.e. its eco-toxicity, is also investigated. Compost or humus obtained in this way can be used directly in agriculture. In the case of industrial composting, as required by EN 13432, the processes are (in comparison to garden composting) significantly accelerated due to higher temperatures and last only about 12 weeks instead of many months.

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