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Recycled Paper

Recycled Paper

HERMA labels made from recycled paper

Waste paper – the raw material for high-quality labels made of 100% recycled paper

Quality-wise, these are comparable with labels made of virgin pulp – and theyre good for the forest too!

Labels made from 100% recycled paper reduce the use of large quantities of virgin pulp and contribute to the conservation of forests by recycling waste paper. Although recycled material is used in this case, the self-adhesive labels are very white. And of course the pressure-sensitive adhesive is solvent-free.

100% post-consumer recycled fibres are used to produce these label papers. Efficient waste separation by consumers sustainably supports this recycling process.

The following materials made from recycled label paper are available for label production:

For laser printers and copiers: natural white recycling label paper, with the Blue Angel eco-label

These labels are made of recycled paper and arranged on an A4 sheet. They are ideally suited for printing in all xerographic printing processes (laser printers and copiers) and for use on a large number of inkjet printers. Thanks to their high levels of whiteness and purity, the labels can hardly be distinguished from copy/laser labels made from primary pulp – and their processing is also comparable. They are ideal for use as address labels and identification labels, e.g. for organic products.

Natural white, slightly glossy on one side, coated recycling label paper, for adhesive labels on rolls

These labels made of recycled paper are a sustainable and versatile alternative for labels with multi-colour printing. The natural white, slightly glossy coated surface gives you a good print quality in conventional printing processes, and it can be variably reprinted using your companys thermal transfer printers.

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