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PE labels

PE labels

PE labels made of 100% recycled granulate

Making new from the old: Industrial waste and old PE packaging become high-quality PE labels

A world premiere: the first PE film label made of 100%, recycled polyethylene.

Half of the raw material” for this label material comes from corresponding industrial waste and the other half from old PE packaging, which is typically found in households, e.g. in the form of plastic bottles and packaging leftovers.

The novel polyethylene adhesive material is an ideal surface for flexo, offset, screen and digital printing. This means we can uniquely combine your desired print quality and our sustainability requirements.

With this label material, we can produce visually beautiful, glossy, non-transparent labels, which are preferably used on PE surfaces for recycling reasons.  The extremely flexible plastic film also enables the problem-free application of adhesive to curved surfaces.

And of course, PE labels offer many advantages for identification, such as their high resistance to water and moisture as well as their strength and durability.

”Think more in terms of material cycles”

The new PE label material made of recycled material is white. If you look closer, however, youll see gels”, which are small specks created during the recycling process. They give the material an authentic character and also provide proof for retail consumers that recycling material has actually been used.

The new label is therefore ideal for brands and manufacturers who want the identification labels of their products and packaging materials to make it clear to consumers that they believe sustainability is important.

Optimisation of the packaging eco-balance

For HERMA, this new label material means yet another approach to optimising the eco-balance of packaging through labels. Plastics have also brought enormous progress in many areas. However, it is important to always question the throwaway mentality again and again, to think more in terms of material cycles – and to actively promote them. The new label material with film made of recycled PE makes a valuable contribution to material cycles.

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