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HERMA wash-off labels

HERMA wash-off labels

HERMA wash-off labels

Ideal for the recycling of PET bottles and for returnable containers in logistics

A drinks bottle becomes a drinks bottle and becomes a drinks bottle – this isnt a utopia, its already reality!

HERMA wash-off labels are distinguished by their reliable adhesion and high resistance to moisture – but they can be completely removed time after time by conventional industrial cleaning processes and they have a wash-off rate of 100%.

This means that when recycling PET bottles, or even PET, PE and PP packaging, the recovery of pure granulate is possible, with no troublesome residues nor any adhesive residues – for an optimal material cycle. Water-soluble labels thus make a significant contribution to the solution, not only for identifying the bottle, but also for the recycling process.

Closed material cycles like this – instead of the usual downcycling – are one of the most important requirements when it comes to sustainable management. The focus in these cycles has not only been on PET beverage bottles for a while now, but also on dishwashing liquid bottles, soap dispensers and cans for food and cosmetics. This plastic packaging is also ideally suited for use with the new wash-off labels from HERMA.

The wash-off pressure-sensitive adhesive can be combined with different label materials:

  •    Transparent polyethylene film (PE film)
  •    Transparent polyethylene film (PE film) made from recycled granulate
  •    Transparent polypropylene film (PP film)
  •    White polypropylene film (PP film)
  •    Wet-strength and alkali-resistant paper

You can have wash-off labels on rolls, completely printed or blank for individual printing on TT printers in your production process.

Also ideal for returnable containers: residue-free wash-off labels

Efficient logistics processes manage internal workflows in production and logistics as well as delivery routes to the consumer. The transport containers used for the logistics, such as stacking boxes, system containers and crates, are normally used several times, so they always have to be re-labelled.

In these usage scenarios, the wash-off labels can be removed without leaving any residues, so they are just as important in the recycling of containers that are only used once.

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