Laboratory Autoclaves

Dedicated Autoclave Specialists

Our business of producing laboratory autoclaves began in the late-eighties and was founded on the premise of bringing together all that is good about British design and manufacture, offering our customers some of the most advanced yet simply practical sterilising equipment.

QCS Top Loading Autoclaves

The Priorclave QCS range of top loading autoclaves, available with 100 and 150 litre chamber capacities, has amongst its many design features simple easy loading of the media. These versatile autoclaves offer fast, reliable sterilisation and have a chamber size that will appeal to most laboratories, it is versatile enough to sterilise small and tall objects side-by-side in a single process.

The standard QCS models have a compact footprint which makes this range of top loading autoclaves ideal for locations where space is at a premium and high yield is required.

QCS Front Loading Autoclaves

he QCS range of autoclaves is one of the most versatile and cost efficient steam sterilisers available today. Choose from one of the three standard chamber sizes of 100, 150 and 200 litres, and since they offer 20% more loading capacity than other sterilisers of the same capacity the QCS has the flexibility to accommodate both small and taller than usual items, avoiding the need to invest in larger, heavier and more costly rectangular sterilisers.

From simple cycles to fully featured multi-programme operation with printed records, a powerful TACTROL®2 controller allows unrivalled flexibility and monitoring. For a busy working environment, automating the sterilising process and with features to assist in autoclave management, TACTROL®2 enables other tasks to be undertaken secure in the knowledge that sterilisation is proceeding safely and efficiently.

H60 Compact Benchtop Autoclaves

With a level of settings and operating flexibility usually reserved for larger autoclaves, the Priorclave H60 compact, front loading steam sterilisers enable laboratories with low volume requirements to enjoy the full benefits of a feature-packed range at an affordable price.
Designed for bench-mounting and easy installation, models in this versatile H60 range can be supplied for either manual or auto-water fill and come in a choice of standard or vacuum models. These models will appeal to laboratories where space is limited and infrequent sterilisations take place.

C60 Compact Benchtop Autoclaves

With a chamber depth of 625mm, the Priorclave C60 range of autoclaves is ideal for sterilising those taller items such as fermentors and large capacity Erlenmeyer flasks.
Although classifed as part of the Priorclave Compact range, the stainless steel chamber of the C60 top loading autoclave accommodate easily ten one-litre or sixteen 500ml bottles, alternatively six one-litre Erlenmeyer flasks. This highlights the high density loading that can be achieved in a machine requiring just 472 x 620mm of floor space.
Priorclave offers a choice of standard or vacuum models to match sterilising requirements. Also adding to the versatility of the C60 top loading autoclave range is its mobility, castors enabling it to be easily moved when required.

C40 Compact Benchtop Autoclaves

The Priorclave C40 range of compact, front loading autoclaves are designed specifically for benchtop steam sterilising applications, a small footprint enabling even the smallest laboratory to own a highly efficient, feature-packed Priorclave.

Out of the box the Priorclave C40 autoclave is ready to use, requiring only plugging into a 240V, single-phase supply. Models in this versatile C40 range can be supplied for either manual or auto-water fill as well as a choice of standard or highly efficient vacuum operation, adding further to its appeal for laboratories where space is limited, infrequent sterilisations take places or a more demanding medium requires faster processing