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Avintos AG

Weidenweg 174310 RheinfeldenSwitzerland

AboutAvintos AG

Avintos AG is a leading provider of high-end industrial valves and hoses for the process and life sciences industry in Switzerland.

This means mainly valves for the shut-off and control of fluids, gases and solids in pipelines, systems for sampling from pipelines and reactors, as well as hoses for fluid transfer.

We provide overall solutions for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food & beverage and energy generation and -distribution industry. We also serve customers in general industry as well as in the machine industry.
The company was founded in 1968 with the name ALFA Armaturen as a division of ALFA Ingenieurbüro AG, which was founded in 1961 by Albert Salz as a trading company for machines and apparatus for the chemical and food industry.

ALFA Armaturen was later renamed in ALFA Prozesstechnik. Right from the beginning, valve- and actuator technology were the core business. ALFA Prozesstechnik was the sole representatives of six renowned European manufacturers in Switzerland. Their product range includes valves for the use in every industry branch.

The present company, avintos was founded in 1999 from the merger between ALFA Prozesstechnik and Autar AG, which was founded in 1983 due to in-house competition.

During the development of the business, our product range has been constantly expanding. Hose technology and sampling systems have also become mainstays of our business.

The newest branch of our business is avintos UltraPure. It develops and provides single-use systems, tubing and equipment components for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

Single-use systems are disposable components made from different types of plastic or elastomers which are only meant to be used once, like tubes, tube connections, bag- and bottle-systems with connections to sensors, filters, stop-valves and pumps for biotechnological processes. We are integrators of these systems and compile customer-specific assemblies under cleanroom conditions.

Since 2003, our company has been certified according to EN ISO 9001 and offers an expansive product range with various services in the areas of industrial valves and actuator technology, hose technology, sampling systems and single use systems. They all meet the highest requirements of current process technology facilities and machines.

Benefit from our long experience, our commitment and our performance!