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COLANDIS GmbH - the clean air company - is a family-run company for clean room technology. The company "Cleanroom Technology Jena", founded in 1996, was renamed COLANDIS GmbH in 2002 and has been managed jointly by Joachim Ludwig and his daughter Ina Henze-Ludwig since 2016. The initial 2 employees have since been expanded to 29 employees. We are a well-trained team that is constantly evolving.

With our many years of knowledge in the field of clean room technology, we support our customers from the process analysis, development and production to the qualification of the individual products as well as with clean room and cleanliness suitability tests.

We listen carefully to our customers to understand their production process. Thanks to close consultation, the best solutions for protecting the process steps can be found. Our customer-specific products are designed and manufactured in-house. We have a production area with different air purity classes at our disposal for this purpose. They enable us to carry out tests for clean room and cleanliness suitability under the best conditions.

The best solution for protecting the individual processes does not always have to be a complete clean room, but can also be a mini environment or a special solution. We offer tailor-made solutions and guarantee consistently high conditions for the production processes with our products.

As a medium-sized company, we maintain close contact with our customers and attach particular importance to long-term cooperation. Even after the project has been completed, we are happy to continue to support you. Our products are used worldwide in various industries. Openness and trust are valued and absolute reliability offered. The satisfaction of our customers is our incentive.

With commitment to a high level of employee satisfaction, COLANDIS not only convinces its employees but has already received awards for this, such as the "Thuringian Seal for Healthy Work", "Finalist in the Grand Prize for SMEs" and Joachim Ludwig received the award as "Entrepreneur of the Year" from the BVMW.

Clean room technology Range of services:
Our products are used successfully worldwide in various sectors such as the semiconductor industry, electronics, surface coating, optical industry, microsystems technology, biotechnology, automotive industry, medical technology, precision engineering, research and development.