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Established in 2007, Packserv is Australia’s leading packaging machinery and technical services provider.

Packserv is a proud Australian manufacturer of high-quality packaging machines for small and medium sized enterprises. Our range includes machines for volumetric filling, capping and container handling functions including conveyors in-feed and out-feed tables.

Operating Australia wide, Packserv also specialises in providing rentals for on-demand packaging equipment for filling, capping, labelling, printing and sealing.


Packserv Manufacturing is the engineering design and manufacturing arm within the Packserv Group, servicing FMCG, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries both in Australia and internationally.

Being an onshore engineering design house also means that Packserv has the capacity and facilities to fabricate high quality machines, premium parts, and accessories for our customers. Packserv is here to provide the complete solution for your packaging needs.

Industry Experts

Over a decade of Research & Development has been invested in each machine to incorporate the very latest Australian manufacturing techniques and materials. The result is a suite of machines that will enhance every stage of the packaging process.

Wealth of Experience

At Packserv Manufacturing, our experience with tailoring the ideal packaging solution and our commitment to maintaining a collaborative relationship with our customers is important to us. As a result, we recognise the critical role that packaging plays in meeting your business objectives.

Customer Focused, Solution Driven

We have listened to our customers over the years and in response to feedback we have addressed the frustration of buying a machine only to find that there is a whole range of ‘extras’ that have to be bought before the machine can even be switched on. Packserv machines are offered with a list of standard inclusions which means when you buy a Packserv machine it is good to go right from the start. Of course, we can make bespoke parts and adaptations to meet any requirement and we would invite anyone considering purchasing a machine of this type to carefully compare our standard inclusions before making that final decision to buy.

Unrivalled Technical Know-How

Our in-house designers, engineers and technicians have unrivalled technical know-how in all aspects of our machines, in addition to the requirements and considerations of different industry sectors. We have designed and manufactured our machines in Australia to ensure they satisfy our stringent standards for construction, quality of output, performance, value for money and reliability.

Experience the Packserv Difference

When you buy a Packserv Manufacturing machine, our experienced technicians will commission it and set it up to match your specific requirements. We also provide full training so you can obtain full value from the machinery as quickly as possible. We provide fast and responsive technical support – either in person throughout Australia, or via phone, video, or email. Our machines also come with our extensive 12-month parts & labour warranty.

Leaders in the Packaging Industry

Borne out of a legacy of packaging pioneers in Australia, Packserv Manufacturing is part of a strong network of industry, science and academic drivers and leaders, both here in Australia and overseas. This network ensures that Packserv Manufacturing is at the cutting edge of innovation, design and implementation which allows us to remain on top of the latest trends and opportunities.


Packserv is the leading rental and technical service provider in the packaging industry by offering a fleet of equipment that will do almost every part of the packaging process.

Small stand-alone machines, bench-top systems or large automated production lines are all available utilising the latest technologies.