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The pharmaceutical industry fittings are designed for use in ambient to low-pressure gas systems, analytical instrumentation, and air systems. sanitary fittings are used to manufacture a huge range of products for various industries including food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals. All of these industries have practices and guidelines which must be adhered to with regards to cleanliness and production practices.

Of all the industries using sanitary fittings for production methods, the pharmaceutical is the most demanding. There is no room for faults in the production of medicines used to treat headaches up to and including the myriad of live-saving drugs consumed by common public. The pharmaceutical industry cannot depend on standard sanitary fittings to manufacture drugs and other medicines, given the need for strict production processes. For this, we need to deep dive into pharmaceutical industry fittings or BPE fittings. The pharmaceutical industry fittings may appear similar to 3A sanitary fittings from a visual perspective. But, there are few main items such as tolerance and packaging that separate the two styles.

The pharmaceutical fixtures or Bioprocessing equipment fittings, or BPE, Bio-Pharm or High-Purity fittings, comply with ASME-BPE standards.

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