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Eye Wash Spray

Eye Wash Spray

Aurena Eye Wash cleaning solution is a hand-held sterile, isotonic saline-based eyewash spray. The isotonic saline eye wash spray is to be used for rinsing and cleansing after exposure to chemically harmful substances or particulate non-penetrating matter or a combination thereof.

The fluid in the device is hypoallergenic, sterilized saline or sterilized Ringer's solution. It may be buffered or nonbuffered. The device is intended to be used in institutions and workplaces and can be placed in a first aid wall station. It can be used without technical experience or training and has no age limitations. A tamper seal provides highly visible notification if the product has been used or not. Thanks to the separation of product and propellant, the bag-on-valve spray aerosol offers a more constant pressure and flow rate until the last drop, making it possible to spray from any angle.

Since the propellant, compressed air or nitrogen, is not flammable, the eye wash solutions spray is classed as a non-flammable aerosol, which offers advantages regarding safety, transportation, and storage. This product contains no preservatives and may be used by all age groups.


Sterile isotonic saline eye wash spray solution for rinsing/cleansing of the Eye. Flushing of the eye can be given constantly for ≥ 15 min with one (250 ml can). For all ages.


  • The liquid is suitable for rinsing and cleansing dust and dirt,
  • chemicals, biological hazards, and venom from eyes.
  • Moisturizing of eye
  • Can be used by persons wearing contact lenses
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Preservative free
  • The spray works in any angle.
  • Sterile until the last drop

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