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Wound Wash Spray

Wound Wash Spray

The wound wash spray/wound cleansing spray/wound irrigation spray from Aurena Laboratories is a sterile saline solution that removes foreign bodies and reduces the number of pathogens in the wound.

The wound cleansing/wound irrigation spray removes blood, clot and dead tissue, moistening the wound tissue in the process. All these wound cleansing solutions helps to reduce infection in the wound, which is one of the most frequent complications of wound healing.

Since the propellant, compressed air or nitrogen, is not flammable, the spray is classed as a non-flammable aerosol, which offers advantages regarding safety, transportation, and storage.


Sterile isotonic saline solution for rinsing/cleansing of wounds. For all ages.


  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Reduction of pathogen numbers
  • Removal of blood, clot and dead tissue
  • Moistening of tissue
  • Support wound healing
  • The spray works in any angle
  • Can be used until the last drop
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sterile until the last drop

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