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Medical Adhesive Remover Spray

Medical Adhesive Remover Spray

The Medical Adhesive Remover Spray is used as a fast and painless removal of medical adhesive devices from the skin.

The silicone medical adhesive remover for skin (SMAR) from Aurena Laboratories gently and painlessly removes adhesive products, such as stoma pouches and wound dressings.

The aerosol is free of preservatives, does not sting on the application and preserves skin integrity. It enables repeated removal of medical adhesive devices, even from delicate skin as in the case of epidermolysis bullosa (EB) and other skin diseases. It also reduces anticipatory pain, which translates to less nursing time and better quality of life.

Frequently removing medical adhesive devices from the skin creates untoward effects on the skin, as layer by layer of the stratum corneum (the superficial layer of the skin) is stripped off. The result is a reduced barrier function and inflammation of the skin. This is particularly a problem for stoma patients, among others, who change their device repeatedly during the day.


The product is intended for fast and painless removal of medical adhesives from the skin surface. For all ages.


  • Removes devices with medical adhesives attached to the skin
  • Doesn’t sting on application
  • Preserves skin integrity when removing adhesive devices
  • Preservative-free
  • Can be used in any position
  • Sterilised and non sterilised versions

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