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A partnership built on expertise and excellence—our promise to every client we’re fortunate enough to collaborate with.

With nearly 70 years of building expertise in evolving core competencies, Tapemark is unmatched in transdermal, oral film, and topical drug delivery systems. Utilizing the expertise and experience of our staff, we produce the highest quality products in the market. Having worked with hundreds of clients from around the globe, we are proud to partner with pharmaceutical makes of every shape and size.


Founded in 1952, Tapemark’s first service offering was printing on self-wound tape. As an early leader in pressure-sensitive adhesives, our expertise evolved to include single-use medical and personal care products.

Today, we specialize in the development and manufacturing of multiple drug delivery systems delivering both Rx and OTC pharmaceuticals via transdermal patches, oral films, and unit dose topical applicators.

Since our inception, Tapemark™ has remained privately-held and family-owned. Our team and clients alike have benefited from our consistent leadership and commitment to the pharmaceutical industry. Our 150,000 square-foot facility in St. Paul, MN features 13 class 100k clean rooms, a full onsite analytical lab, a full-service formulation lab, and 175 employees who manage a flexible shift structure to ensure 24/7 production capabilities.

Tapemark™ is driven and supported by a set of simple—yet fundamental—values that contribute to a rewarding, productive, and trusting environment for our employees and our clients that leads to change in the name of health. These values are evident every day in our pride of craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and focus on service.


The core value of excellence is represented through Tapemark Experts.

Expert staff develops integrated solutions for our clients. Comprised of pioneering chemists, researchers, and engineers, our team of experts are dedicated to delivering drugs that increase compliance. Our combined capabilities enable Tapemark to excel within every stage of bringing a pharmaceutical drug to market. The core value of community is represented through Tapemark Resources.

Our clients expect and receive only the best from Tapemark. Our advisors guide clients through each stage in bringing their drug to market. Our hands-on executive approach gives clients confidence and produces exceptional results. View our testimonials and case studies to learn more about what it’s like to partner with Tapemark.


The core value of integrity is represented through Tapemark Leadership.

Leadership is comprised of foremost leaders who encompass decades of pharmaceutical industry experience. Well-versed in taking drugs from early-stage development to commercial manufacturing, our leadership team has led dozens of NDA, ANDA, and device approvals during their careers.