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Laboratory Reagents

The laboratory reagents or lab reagents are substances that are used to carry out a laboratory test. The lab reagents may be used in a chemical reaction to measure, detect, or make other substances.

In analytical chemistry, laboratory chemical reagents are compounds or mixtures used to detect the presence or absence of another substance, i.e. by a color change, or to measure the concentration of a substance, e.g. by colorimetry. Examples include Millon's reagenr, Fehling's reagent, and Tollen's reagent. The reactant and laboratory reagents are known to often be used interchangeably. However, a reactant is more specifically a substance consumed in a chemical reaction, whereas lab reagents are compounds or substances that are added to see if a chemical reaction will occur.

Usually, laboratory reagents consist of a wide range of organic and inorganic reagents in preparative chemistry and other diverse field. It's range covers all the chemicals required on day-to-day basis of all types of chemical laboratories.

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