Contract Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry is having a major share in contract manufacturing. The process of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing includes pharmaceutical machinery, drug manufacturers contracting a firm for finished components or products. It can be observed as a type of outsourcing. Companies succeed by focusing on what they do best to their consumers, outsourced vendors, or partners.

A pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company presents an array of services to drug companies which may include:

All Contract Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical Industry should adhere to the FDA good manufacturing practices and comply with applicable FDA regulations. From big pharma to smaller specialty entities, contract manufacturing serves as a strategy for several industry players. The major factors driving market growth include continued efforts to reduce costs, outsourcing by pharma companies of non-core businesses, and an increasing amount of specialty and biotech firms that don't have in-house manufacturing capabilities. The pharmaceutical contract manufacturing market will continue to rise as companies cut costs to counteract problems regarding pharmaceutical productivity trends. Non-core businesses being outsourced include product/process optimization and manufacturing.

Below is a list of Contract Manufacturing:

Contract Manufacturing Products

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Escientia Life Sciences (2)
TherDose Pharma Pvt. Ltd. (2)
LGR packaging (3)
Gwalia Healthcare Limited (5)
Cool Pac (5)
SHL Medical AG (5)
Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems (5)
Artesan Pharma GmbH (2)
Pharmaniaga Berhad (1)
Oy Finnsusp Ab (3)
McePharma s. r. o. (4)
Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH (3)
PSK Pharma Private Lmited (5)
Lomapharm® Rudolf Lohmann GmbH KG (10)
Specpharm (5)
HIKAL Ltd. (5)
Quay Pharma (2)
SILVANOLS Ltd. turnover (3)
Montebello Packaging (5)
Imerys S.A (5)
Biolab Company Limited (1)
Galen Limited (5)
NutraScience Labs (4)
Aspar Pharmaceuticals Ltd (2)
Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation (5)
KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH (7)
Primus Pharmaceuticals (6)
VULM s.r.o. (5)
PharmaVision San. ve Tic. A.S. (5)
Hänseler AG (5)
Filtermist Systems Limited (3)
ROVI Pharma Industrial Services (3)
Sigma-Aldrich Chemicals Private Limited (2)
Accord Healthcare (2)
Aceto (1)
Fertin Pharma (4)
Oliver Healthcare Packaging (4)
Pillar5 Pharma Inc. (2)
Baxter Laboratories Pty Ltd (1)
Cipla Inc (2)
West-Coast Pharmaceutical (5)
Astro Machine Works (9)
Unither (4)
Almac Group (3)
Pharmaceutical Associates (5)
NextPharma Technologies (2)
Orchid Pharma Ltd. (3)
Batterjee Pharmaceutical Factory (5)
Tripak Pharmaceuticals (5)
Novo Nordisk (5)
NAGASE & CO. (5)
Air Products Inc. (5)
Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd (10)
Acino International AG (5)
Medopharm Pvt Ltd (4)
Medica Instrument Mfg (1)
Navigo Proteins GmbH (5)
Bruschettini S.R.L (5)
Rokshaw Laboratories (4)
Relonchem (5)
Ethypharm UK (2)
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (2)
Viva Pharmaceutical Inc (1)
Robinson Pharma (7)
Jubilant HollisterStier (5)
Avéma Pharma Solutions (5)
Alliance Pharma PLC (3)
Farmacapsulas (5)
Novocol Pharma (3)
Wiewelhove GmbH (1)
Orion Corporation (5)
Maya Biotech Pvt (5)
Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (5)
Esteve Química, S.A. (4)
Yinda Machinery (5)
Wrapsa (Pty) Ltd (3)
Virbac RSA (Pty) Ltd (4)
Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories (3)
Fidson Healthcare Plc (4)
Wellona Pharma (5)
Sun-Pac Manfacturing (5)
Steril-Gene (4)
SOLA Pharmaceuticals (5)
Elmach Packages I Pvt. Ltd. (5)
Denison Pharmaceuticals (4)
Cosette Pharmaceuticals (3)
Arizona Natural Resources (5)
FabriChem (4)
Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Ltd. (4)
Protab Laboratories (5)
MeriCal, Inc. (5)
JW Nutritional, LLC (5)
R-Pharm Germany GmbH (5)
AqVida GmbH (2)
3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH (2)
Recipharm (2)
Lief Labs (3)
Vitamix Labs (2)
Adelco Pharmaceuticals S.A. (4)
Medikro Oy (5)
AbbVie, Inc (7)
Isomerase Therapeutics (5)
BIO-CAT Microbials (5)
Asymchem Inc (5)
Bactolac Pharmaceutical (8)
ENT Technologies (5)
Vital Therapeutics & Formulations (4)
GP Pharm (5)
Contract Pharmaceutical Services of Australia Pty Ltd (CPSA) (5)
Aurena Laboratories AB (11)