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Drug delivery system

Drug delivery system

Developing your therapeutic compound with targeted delivery and controlled release

Drug delivery systems enable a molecule to reach its intended target and release it for therapeutic effect. Drug delivery systems are often employed, when a molecule cannot reach the target by itself, when a compound may undergo degradation or system clearance after application, when side effects due to off-target toxicity are an issue, or when a controlled release of the drug substance is desired. Drug delivery systems are used during the development of novel drug products but are also employed to reformulate and optimize existing therapies.

Coriolis is your expert partner for developing robust and phase-appropriate formulations for drug delivery systems. We perform stability and forced degradation studies and provide reliable and sensitive analytical data on the stability of your drug delivery system.

Nanoparticulate delivery systems

A number of different nanoparticulate delivery systems are available for pharmaceutical application, including exosomes, liposomes, polymeric or lipid nanoparticles, lipoplexes and dendrimers. They are usually employed for parenteral applications and are typically in the nanometer size range. Viral vectors may also fall under the category of delivery systems as they carry nucleic acids into cells. To learn more about our services related to viral vectors, please visit this page.

For the characterization of nanoparticulate delivery systems, we employ a large portfolio of cutting-edge particle analysis techniques and use our strong scientific background in this field to obtain sensitive and robust analytical methods specific for you drug product. Our expert scientists also develop stable and phase-appropriate drug product formulations for your drug delivery system-based therapeutic.

The payload of drug delivery systems

The drug substance inside a drug delivery system should remain stable and effective until delivery at the target site. Analytical characterization and stabilization of the payload may be a challenge of its own. To learn more about our services, please visit our pages on therapeutic proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids.

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