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Vaccine development services from the scientific expert

Vaccines are a diverse drug product category with one common goal: modulate the immune system in order to prevent infectious diseases, fight cancer or induce tolerance against allergens. They work by presenting highly specific antigens, combined with stimuli for the innate immune system (adjuvants) to the immune system in order to stimulate or inhibit (in the case of allergy vaccines) an immune response. In a best case, vaccines induce long-lasting effects without the need for frequent re-immunization.

Vaccines are especially successful in preventing or reducing the severity of infectious diseases including measles, polio, and Covid-19, and have successfully eradicated smallpox. In a more experimental setting cancer vaccination shows promise as a new tumor therapy.

Prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines

Prophylactic vaccines aim to prevent or reduce the severity of infectious diseases and – if a sterilizing immunity is achieved - inhibit further spreading. Since prophylactic vaccines are administered to healthy individuals, they are expected to fulfill very high quality and safety standards. Therapeutic vaccines aim to treat patients with existing diseases such as various types of cancer. This is an exciting field of research with the potential to address currently unmet medical needs. Also, therapeutic exposure to allergens is a form of vaccination with the aim to induce immune tolerance.

Coriolis is your expert partner

Coriolis is a science driven research organization with a problem-solving mindset and a quick turnaround time. We provide highly flexible and tailor-made solutions for the development of modern vaccine products. With many years of experience in vaccine development and a large portfolio of analytical techniques, Coriolis is your expert partner for formulation development and analytical characterization projects. With distinguished vaccine experts on our scientific advisory board, we can give professional advice on the most suitable vaccine formulation development strategy. We support the development of all vaccine types including:

  • mRNA vaccines (for more than 10 years already)
  • viral vector vaccines
  • live-attenuated virus vaccines
  • subunit vaccines including virus like particles

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