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Viral vector

Viral vector

Viral vector development services with scientific excellence

Viral vectors are modified viruses that can deliver genetic material into cells for diagnostic, therapeutic or prophylactic purposes. They are frequently utilized during gene and cell therapy, but also find applications in vaccines, such as the ones approved against COVID-19 and Ebola.

For pharmaceutical applications, a viral vector is required to have – amongst other things – a good safety profile, low toxicity, high infectivity, and in most cases cell type specificity. Frequently used vectors include adenovirus, lentivirus, adeno-associated virus (AAV), vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), herpes simplex virus (HSV), poliovirus, reovirus, parvovirus and measles virus.

Infectivity and product stability.

The infectivity (i.e., functional titer) of a viral vector is one of its key characteristics that should be maintained over the entire shelf-life of the product.  A robust drug product formulation, as well as suitable storage and handling protocols, should ensure the stability of the vector and avoid a titer loss over time.

Our expert scientists are experienced in developing stable and robust viral vector formulations. We assess the infectivity of viral vector preparations by using TCID50 assays, plague forming assays or other cell-based methods up to biosafety level S2.  Our analytical portfolio includes methods for the determination of functional, genomic and physical virus titers together with other potential critical parameters that can negatively impact virus infectivity and safety, like aggregation or, for AAVs, the quantification of empty and full capsids. 

We take both, liquid and lyophilized formulations into consideration and assess the stability and infectivity of your product under various storage and handling conditions. This ensures your viral vector drug product to be safe and effective until and during application.

Ensuring the integrity of the genetic payload

Viral vectors deliver the genetic material, DNA or RNA, into the target cells. The genetic material is then responsible for the diagnostic, therapeutic or prophylactic effect. Thus, the structural and physicochemical integrity of the genetic payload is also a critical factor for the success of a viral vector drug product. Coriolis offers research, development and analytical services dedicated to nucleic acids.

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