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Therapeutic protein

Therapeutic protein

Therapeutic protein products developed with scientific excellence

Coriolis is the expert partner for the biopharmaceutical industry. Since our foundation, we support our clients in developing innovative protein therapies as well as biosimilar drug products and help to improve the lives of patients around the world.

Therapeutic proteins are still the largest class of biopharmaceuticals. More than 200 therapeutic proteins are currently on the market and used to treat a large variety of medical needs. Yet there are many more promising therapeutic proteins in pre-clinical and clinical development. As a trusted partner, Coriolis is delivering outstanding biopharmaceutical research, development, and analytical services to bring safe and effective therapies to the patients.

Therapeutic proteins are very diverse

Therapeutic proteins are extremely diverse and comprise antibodies, antibody-related products, hormones, cytokines, growth factors, enzymes and protein-based vaccines (such as the Hepatitis B vaccine). A therapeutic protein may be as small as 20 kDa or be a multimeric protein complex of several MDa and there can be substantial differences in their higher-order structure, physico-chemical properties, stability profiles and potential degradation pathways.

No matter how special or delicate your protein might be, Coriolis can draw from many years of experience in working on several hundred different therapeutic proteins and apply it to the benefit of your development program. We tailor our services to your needs and help you obtain an effective and safe therapeutic drug product.

No matter how special or delicate your protein might be, we tailor our services to your needs and help you obtain an effective and safe therapeutic drug product.

Antibodies and related products

Antibodies, also known as Immunoglobulins (Ig), are an important subgroup of therapeutic proteins. Coriolis offers a variety of research, development, and analytical services dedicated to full size antibodies (e.g., IgG or IgM), as well as antibody related products, such as Fab fragments, Fc-fusion proteins, bi- or tri-specific antibodies, single-chain variable fragments (scFv) and nanobodies (also called single domain antibodies, sdAb).

Sub-unit vaccines 

Sub-unit vaccines contain purified proteinaceous or sometimes polysaccharides of the infectious pathogen as antigens for immunization. These include soluble protein, protein nanoparticle and virus-like particle vaccines. The structural and chemical integrity of the protein is – just like for therapeutic proteins – critical for the effectivity and safety of the vaccine. As such, the stability of the protein subunit against chemical of physical degradation should be assured through a dedicated formulation development and verified during stability and forced degradation studies. In close interaction with our clients, we address aspects like antigen-adjuvant interaction, how and when to combine antigen with adjuvant and the required characterization strategy.

Coriolis supports the development of vaccines with a large portfolio of dedicated services. Our team includes expert scientists, who are specialized in the development of vaccines and our scientific advisory board with distinguished academic experts in the vaccine field. 

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