Tableting and Encapsulation

A variety of encapsulation machine techniques are used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. These techniques include spray drying, spray chilling and cooling, coacervation, fluidized bed coating, liposome entrapment, rotational suspension separation, extrusion and inclusion complexation. Encapsulation is used to protect ingredients, to convert liquid components into solid particles and to provide a means for controlled release. Research is continuing to improve the methods used and to find new applications.

The process of tableting, tableting machine cycle remains same though advance technology and machines are invented and world over continues R&D is going for new pharmaceutical machineries. To make a various types of tablets and capsules from compressing powder or granules is one of the oldest methods. As industrialization has taken over, the process of tableting has been applied to an even greater range of products from soaps, to confectionary and pharmaceutical tablets. In pharmaceutical particularly, the tablets tamper proof construction and the absence of any materials superfluous to the dosage: such as the gelatin used to make capsules: has made it an ideal choice.

There are varieties of shapes and forms of tablets in which most common are coated compressed hard tablets, caplets and filled gelatin capsules. The present invention with tableting and encapsulation machines provides for a multi characteristic, bi-layer, capsule like tablet consisting of a blend of one or more excipients, one or more active substances, and in one embodiment a first and second different coloring agent compressed along the longitudinal or axial direction into the shape of a two color capsule. The present invention further provides for covering this compressed multi-colored tablet with a clear coating to provide a solid medicament with the appearance of capsule.

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