Laboratory Automation and Robotics

The use of clinical laboratory automation enables to perform several tests by analytical instruments with minute use of an analyst. The use of integrated computer software and hardware into analyzers has made the job very simple for clinical laboratories as it provides automatic process control and data processing. The laboratory robotics and automation is an emerging trend in modern clinical laboratories with a positive impact on service level to patients and on staff safety as shown by various studies. It allows process standardization, which, in turn, decreases the frequency of errors and outliers.

Clinical Laboratory Automation has considerably changed both analytic and non-analytic aspects of clinical laboratory operations. Today, there's a huge selection of Laboratory Automation System options designed to improve the quality, throughput, and efficacy of lab testing. The advantages of replacing manual procedures with laboratory automation system include: removing potentially dangerous, error-prone manual procedures with automated processes requiring minimal technician involvement, decreasing turnaround time, increasing productivity, improving sample handling and safety, and allowing practical reallocation of lab staff who are freed from manual tasks.

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