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Laboratory Instrumentation

The clinical laboratory analytical instruments are a large class of instruments used for analytical applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, food-processing, clinical, and oil refineries. These clinical laboratory instruments help in analysing materials and establishing the composition. The most common types of laboratory instruments are refractometer, conductivity meter, spectrophotometer, calorimeter, demagnetizers, fiberscopes, colony counter, consuctivity meter, automatic titrators, automatic density meter, and electrochemical instrument. The field of analytical instrumentation has become more sophisticated now-a-days. In the modern time, personal computers and microcontrollers have been included into analytical equipments to present more findings. A few of these instruments also play a vital role in the control of environment pollution.

The laboratory analytical instruments provide information on the composition of a sample of matter. They are employed to obtain quantitative and qualitative information about the presence or absence of one or more components of a given sample. It includes the four basic elements i.e. chemical information source, display system, and signal conditioners.

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