Pharmaceutical Labelling and Foils

Pharmaceutical labeling is an area of the industry in which a label’s function – its role in identifying and explaining what a product is and does – is of the utmost importance. Regulations must be adhered to, because a text slip-up in dosing instructions, expiration dates, or ingredient lists could amount to dire consequences. End users of these products trust that their medicines are labeled accurately, and they also trust that the integrity of the package has not been comprised. Again, dire consequences.

High-quality medicines need packaging in which they are safely protected from environmental influences, oxygen and moisture. It is only in this way that the ingredients retain their effects which they are to develop when ingested.

Blister packs are often used for medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. These consist of the so-called push-through Blister (or shorter “Blister”), a moulded plastic with cavities for the individual tablets, and a push-through closure made of aluminium foil or pharmaceutical foils, which is called blister film or lid film. As a result, capsules and tablets are hygienically clean and protected. The unrivaled barrier properties of aluminium foil/ pharmaceutical foil packaging makes it impenetrable to moisture, aromas, oxygen and other gases, as well as micro-organisms and light. Sensitive products are therefore kept in perfect condition for long periods.

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Prairie State Group (5)
Com-Pac International (5)
Langguth GmbH (4)
Inotec Barcode Security GmbH (2)
HM Systems A/S (4)
Expert Labels Ltd (4)
Better Label & Products Inc (4)
Label World Ltd (5)
Automatic Identification Systems Ltd (5)
Altrapack Hungary Kft. (5)
ALS Labelling Solutions Ltd (5)
Wayne Trademark Printing and Packaging (3)
Renuka Packaging Machines & Automations (5)
PackonBasım Printing&Packaging Inc. (3)
Fix-a-Form International Ltd (4)
Clevertech S.p.A (5)
Acasi Machinery (5)
Worldpack Automation Systems (5)
Pactech Machinery (5)
Mermed Australia PTY Ltd. (5)
Jacks Pharma Machinery (5)
Impresstik Systems Pty Ltd (5)
BRB Globus Srl (5)
Aztro Pty Ltd T/as The Labelling Machine Company (5)
Eagle Flexible Packaging (6)
LMI Packaging (6)
Quadrel (4)
Anchor Mark Pvt Ltd (5)
Nita Labeling Systems (4)
Gernep Labeling Systems (3)
Parth Engineering & Consultant  (5)
Packserv (5)
Etipack s.p.a (10)
ALTech UK Labelling Technologies Ltd (5)
Accraply (10)
Parekhplast India (7)
MCC label (6)
Essentra (12)
Reflex Labels Ltd (5)
Novexx Solutions GmbH (5)
Colamark Technologies Limited (2)
HERMA UK Ltd (10)
Mustansir labels (4)
Videojet Technologies Inc (4)
Weiler Labeling Systems, LLC (5)
Luminer Converting Group Inc (5)
LSS Etikettering A/S (5)
CV Labels Ltd (4)
Polyrol (2)
Pallaypack Inc (5)
Logett GmbH (4)
Jujo Thermal Ltd (4)
BERICAP GmbH & Co. KG (5)
Advent Labelers (5)
C.E.King Limited (5)
Denward Manufacturing (3)
Cremer Speciaalmachines B.V.  (1)
NeuraLabel (5)
Weber Marking Systems of Canada (5)
Taurus Packaging Pvt (4)
Sessions UK (5)
IWATA LABEL Co., Ltd (5)
Oliver Healthcare Packaging (4)
AAPL Solutions (8)
Schreiner Group (23)
Neostarpack Co., Ltd (6)
G&G Food Supplies Ltd (5)
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Pennine Healthcare (5)
Pelago Bioscience AB (1)
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Signode India (5)
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Haomei Aluminum Foil (9)
Geo. T. Schmidt (4)
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 Loftware Inc (5)
Label and Print Technologies (4)
ADE Labelling & Barcoding (4)
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UACJ Foil Corporation (5)
Autopack Ltd (5)
The GHT Companies (2)
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Alfipa (6)
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Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd (ALS) (2)
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Ecolopharm Inc (4)
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QPharm Inc (4)
Apothicare (5)
Svam Toyal Packaging Industries Pvt (5)
Pharma Packaging Solutions (6)
Futuristic Packaging Pvt Ltd. (5)
Chase-Logeman Corporation (5)
TurboFil Packaging Machines, LLC (4)
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CorePharma LLC (4)
Zircon Technologies (5)
Raviraj Foils Limited (5)
Nosco, Inc (4)
InkJet, Inc. (5)
Consolidated Label Co (6)
ATL Corp (5)