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Cleanroom Installation

A clean room is a controlled work area that maintains a specified level of air particulates and other contaminants. Clean room design requires careful consideration of its intended use, permissible particle concentration, location, manufacturing process, and cost. The design and specification of a clean room installation service require close coordination between the design team and all of the departments or parties that will use the room.

Prerequisites for cleanroom construction requirements

Cleanrooms are essential to any manufacturing process where particulate contamination can affect the quality of goods produced. Specific clean room classifications and ISO class code descriptions provide protective guidelines and secure environments through controlled air filtration, which lowers the possibility of product contamination or large particulate interference within critical process manufacturing. Specific cleanroom construction requirements and ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards are used to protect consumers from any potential flaw or mishandling of a product.

Additionally, clean room classifications require that positive pressure is continuously maintained while the cleanroom is operational. This process prevents contaminated air from flowing back within the clean air environment. This process allows clean filtered air to continuously flows from clean to less-clean spaces, allowing for continual air movement.

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