Wet Grinding Technology

DELTAVITA® - Wet Grinding Technology

The NETZSCH engineered DELTAVITA® mill, based on proven ZETA® Mill technology, stands out in the world of ultra-fine nanoparticle applications. Through the efficient use of energy, high flow-rate, multiple-pass grinding strategy, DELTAVITA® mills achieve excellent repeatability as well as homogeneous dispersion.

DELTAVITA® agitator bead mills are fast, extremely versatile and designed to produce a very narrow range of ultra fine particles in a homogeneous formulation. They are time, cost and energy efficient.

The DELTAVITA® process eliminates excessive heat buildup and output blockage that plagues screen separation systems in other fine-bead mills. Advantages for pharmaceutical applications are a single-tank process to reduce contamination, precise temperature control, ease of use and easy-to-clean design.

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