Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery System

International Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery System

12 April - 13 April, 2021



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Pulsus Group


40 Bloomsbury Way Lower Ground Floor London, United Kingdom WC1A 2SE

About International Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery System

With immense pleasure on behalf of PULSUS Conferences, we announce “International Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery System” to be hung as a webinar on April 12 - 13, 2021. The conference explores around the theme “To Foster the Strategies in Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery System’’. Pharmascience2021 mainly focuses on future research in drug delivery systems and pharmaceutical formulations.

The Conference provides the research work of Drug delivery, Pharmaceutics and formulations expertise from various scientific backgrounds which can be perceived by delegates, students and pharmaceutical scientists. Pharmascience2021 brings unique platform for scientists, researchers, academicians, biomedical engineers, professors and students to share their knowledge and views also presenting research about trends and advances in drug delivery and formulations. PULSUS furnish a fostering environment with vibrant podium for the speakers, delegates to meet the highest demand all over the world.

Drug delivery systems are engineered technologies for the targeted delivery and controlled release of therapeutic agents. Drugs have been used to improve health and extend lives of people. The practice of drug delivery has changed dramatically in the past few decades and even greater changes are anticipated in future. Pharmaceutical engineers have contributed  to our understanding of the physiological barriers to efficient drug delivery, such as transport in the circulatory system and drug movement through cells and tissues; they have also contributed to the development of  several new modes in drug delivery that have entered to clinical practice. Yet many drugs have been discovered with all of these advanced strategies having unacceptable side effects because of the interaction of drug with healthy tissues that are not target of the drug. Side effects restrict us to design capital medications under optimum conditions for many diseases such as cancer, infectious diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

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