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Advances in Companion Diagnostics & Precision Medicine Congress

Saturday, Mar 18, 2017

With registration closing on the 7th of April we wanted to remind you to secure your place today for our Advances in Companion Diagnostics and co-located Precision Medicine Congress. Do not miss out on attending this unique event!

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Companion Diagnostic-focused Presentations Include:

- Discuss how circulating microRNAs hold great promise as biomarkers for disease diagnosis and treatment monitoring with Matthias Hackl, TAmiRNA GmbH
- Join Michael Heller from The University of California to hear how microarray chip devices now allow sample to answer isolation and detection of both cell free (cf) DNA and exosomes
- Explore the role of diagnostic testing in disease interception strategies with Jorge Villacian from Johnson & Johnson

Precision Medicine-focused Presentations Include:

- Hear about the evolving precision medicine market and how it can be related to diagnostics with Matthew Squires from Novartis Pharmaceuticals
- Join Mera Tilley from Pfizer and discuss how to leverage human genetics for clinical biomarker selection

To see the full speaker line-up, download the conference agenda here

1. Challenges in Developing Companion Diagnostics for Cancer and Immunology

2. Pharmacogenomics Biomarkers, Relating to Our Own Discovery/Development

3. Antibody Production, Characterisation and Applications in the Diagnostics Field
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4. Clinical Utility of Genomic Testing
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