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GnuPharma® Announces Successful Preliminary Testing of New ‘Spice Based’ Products Based on the Newly Discovered Endocannabinoid System

Friday, May 27, 2016

GnuPharma® company, an early stage pharmaceutical company, focusing on the use of natural ingredients as opposed to synthesized or non-organic molecules, began developing its theory when company co-Founder and President Chip Paul became involved with the medical cannabis campaign in Oklahoma. “I was shocked and astounded at what I could see cannabis doing for others, in particular how it helped with pain relief and pain management. But even more than that it seems that people that I knew who were taking it as a medicine appeared to be improving in overall health and function.” This caused Paul, a proven researcher and inventor, to begin to dig into the whys of medical marijuana. “I read everything I could get my hands on; I read every research paper I could find concerning medical cannabis. What I quickly realized is that cannabis influences a system that is common among all humans, and no one knows what it is! It is called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS is critical to human function, but because of its recent discovery, is only taught in about 20 medical schools.”

Paul has developed and honed his theory after corresponding with some of the top PhDs in the field. The theory says this: The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a master regulatory system in the body. The ECS is the body’s “mechanism of action.” Through the hypothalamus in the brain, which provides the intelligence, the ECS can up and down regulate organs and neurology. In fact the ECS can exert control over EVERY CELL IN THE HUMAN BODY by virtue of an ECS hook, called a CB1 neuroreceptor. No other human system has control over every cell.

Along with the theory, GnuPharma has been working on systems of influence of the ECS. Knowing how cannabis can and does affect the ECS has assisted the company in building a method to influence the ECS through simple herbs. “We knew herbs could influence the ECS by existing research. We have just taken the time to map out what herbs influence what aspects of the ECS. We have now built a very robust taxonomy of herbs which can influence the ECS,” Paul added.

“The theory indicated that the use of herbs as a cannabis replacement was possible. That intrigued and fascinated me. There are a myriad of people who could benefit from medical cannabis. This gives those people a way to influence the same system in a similar fashion but without the psychoactivity,” said David M. Klein, Ph.D., Interim CEO of GnuPharma Corp. “We see the herbal influence of the ECS as further validation that GnuPharma is on the right path.” The company is also working on other methods of influencing the ECS through the use of sound, light, vapors, and odors. Delivery will be accomplished by capsules, vape, one-shot drinks, cookies, and potentially strips which work like breath strips.

GnuPharma intends to release into retail distribution three branded capsule based products and two vapable products by the end of the second quarter. GnuFoundation will be a capsule based foundational product and will be geared toward immune boost, mood improvement, craving management, lower anxiety, and more creative and focused thinking. GnuRelief is the company’s capsule based pain management product. Through hundreds of test subjects, GnuPharma has been able to show a consistent 2 level drop in pain using the GnuRelief product. This is a better result than the opiates now being misused across the U.S. GnuSleep is the company’s sleep product.

The vapable products will all initially be carried on the company’s website and exclusively by Palm Beach Vapors retail locations. Two formulations, both named after Dune references, will be designed to provide general health, mood improvement, and anxiety relief. “We use turmeric in one formulation, which tends to be yellow, and we liked all the references to the ‘spice melange’ so the names just stuck,” commented Klein.

Palm Beach Vapors will also have the company’s herbal nicotine replacement products called GnuVape. “Palm Beach Vapors is proud to be the first to provide these groundbreaking products to our customers. This comes at a perfect time for us as we are redefining our long term strategy based on FDA regulation. We will always drive toward our healthy promise we began with and GnuPharma’s herbal nicotine replacement product is a game changer for vape, that is for darn sure,” said Cynthia Paul, President and Co-Founder of Palm Beach Vapors Corp (

GnuPharma has been assisted by several non-profit organizations in its testing of products, in particular veterans organizations such as Save-A-Vet. Shawn Majors, Oregon Chapter Chairman of Save-A-Vet, said, “I've never had an OTC anti-inflammatory that has given me this much relief. No side effects at all. I have major ankle trauma from an injury received in the Iraqi conflict. Last night was a cold rainy Oregon night; another vet and I worked till 3 am doing hard physical labor. I should be stiff and in massive pain, but I’m not. My ankle feels amazing and that rarely ever happens.”

The company expects its products to be available on its website at and is building its distribution network. The company is also exploring crowdfunding possibilities at


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