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Johnson & Johnson Tops IDEA Pharma's Productive Innovation Index for the Third Consecutive Year

Friday, Feb 27, 2015

Now in its fifth year, the Productive Innovation Index (PII) celebrates the top 30 pharmaceutical companies most successful at developing and commercialising new medicines.

Based on an objective, rolling analysis of each company's performance, between 2009-2014, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has continued to demonstrate its leadership in pharmaceutical product commercialisation, seeing it sit at first place for the third year running, despite a significant shift in companies moving into the top 10.

With eight of its drugs hitting double digit growth across five disease franchises, J&J's pharmaceutical sales increased by 14.9%, with the star performer being its hepatitis C combination drug Olysio/Sovriad, reaching over $2bn in sales in 12 months. Launches for Invokana, Imbruvica and Zytiga, and new approvals for Invega Sustenna and Rezolsta also impacted positively.

Gilead Sciences takes 2nd place, knocking Novartis down to 3rd, for its performance in launching blockbuster drug Sovaldi, pulling in $10bn in revenue in one year, one of the industry's most successful launches ever. Gilead's rise was reinforced by the launch of the first hepatitis C combination pill, Harvoni; continued return on investment for Stribild; FDA approval and breakthrough designation (BTD) for Zybelig, and obtaining CDC backing for Truvada.

Novartis remains in the top three for its continued growth from core assets Afinitor, Tasigna, Zortress and Gilenya, and contributions from its leading late-stage pipeline. A number of key approvals in 2014 including Zykadia, Xolair and Cosentyx, and seeing Bexsero recieve BTD, FDA approval and winning Prix Galien also supported this. Negatives were the refusal for serelaxin in heart failure and pulling the Tasigna EMA application for Philadelphia chromosome positive-CML.

Other significant movers into the top 10 were Biogen, Amgen and Celgene.

IDEA Pharma's CEO, Mike Rea said: "PII is the only objective measure of innovation in the pharma industry that matters - those at the top have made a better job of being a pharma company than those towards the bottom over the past five years. Seeing J&J leading the index once again further secures its stance as a true innovator in the market… after all, innovation is based on what is launched, not what is discovered and is only valuable if it effectively reaches the market and the target patient groups."

The PII looks beyond turnover figures and raw approval rates, assessing companies based on factors such as speed to market, attrition rate, reimbursement, regulatory approvals and analyst rankings.


    2015             Company       Change 2014
      1         Johnson & Johnson     0     1
      2     Gilead Sciences, Inc.     16    18
      3               Novartis AG         -1     2
      4         Merck & Co., Inc.        2     6
      5                Roche Ltd.          -2     3
      6          Biogen Idec Inc.         7    13
      7                Amgen Inc.          7    14
      8       Celgene Corporation      8    16
      9                  Bayer AG         -2     7
     10      Boehringer Ingelheim     0    10

Review the top 30: download the white paper here.

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