Electro-De-Ionization combines' two water purification technologies, electro-dialysis and ion-exchange resin deionization. Through electro-de-ionization, dissolved salts are removed. Electro-De-Ionization removes ions from water by forcing them out of the feed stream into adjacent streams via an electric potential.

Benefits of Electro-De-Ionization

    A benefit of Electro-De-Ionization is the continuous process eliminates spikes and upsets.
    Electro-De-Ionization produces ultra pure water up to 18.1 Meg ohm
    Electro-De-Ionization enables a simple system
    Electro-De-Ionization is cost effective

Hrushikesh provides Electro-De-Ionization systems from 50 Liters/hr to 200 m3/ hr.

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