Matcon – IDEX India

Matcon – IDEX India

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AboutMatcon – IDEX India

Matcon, a unit of IDEX MPT, Inc., provides Cone Valve Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) technology for efficient and flexible handling of powders, granules, and tablets, achieving increased productivity and improved product quality.

Experiencing problems with segregation or powder flow? Our unique Cone Valve Technology feeds blended powders and granules directly to roller compactors and tablet compression without the risk of segregation, achieving complete discharge of even poor flowing powders.
In fact, it allows us to supply large-scale IBCs up to 3500L with an assurance that the product will not be separated and will be fully discharged.

Our ability to overcome solid handling issues, combined with the emphasis we place on hygiene and containment, means we have proven successes with Multinational companies, Generic producers and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) alike.

Still handling tablets in drums?  Our Tablet IBC System provides gentle handling of tablets in quantities up to 750Kg in one single IBC!  The system is designed to minimize drop height, acceleration and impact of the tablets.

Whether you are planning to upgrade an existing facility or design a new one, we can help you to design the right system for your production requirements ensuring you achieve manufacturing efficiency, product quality and safety.

API Manufacturing

Matcon IBCs have the unique ability to handle the solvent rich ‘wet cake’ solids between the centrifuge and drying processes, as well as the powders before reaction and after drying.  This allows the contents of any reactor to be transferred to any dryer using our IBCs.

It is this flexibility of production, combined with the ability to discharge the full range of API bulk solids that makes Matcon the preferred supplier for many major pharmaceutical API companies.